Monday, May 28, 2012

Welcome to the poor little blog that has been neglected for far too long! I am planning to have more time for all things scrappy this summer and will hopefully update this little blog much more often. I am going to start things off by showing off my brand-spankin' new scrap room. :) All the kudos for this room go to the hubby. You'll have to excuse some of the poor photography. The window makes for great light but also a lot of glare. That's my excuse anyway. Here goes:

This is the view from the door:
The big shelf was my Mother's Day gift. It is currently holding some albums in the bottom, random crochet projects and some of my coptic stitched notebooks. As a side note, I am becoming addicted to coptic stitching! That really isn't an ugly black chair you see, by the way. It's an ugly black chair that is going out the door as soon as I get a snazzy new chair. See the distinction? hee hee...

This one shows some random shelves which aren't honestly all that pretty. They are desperately awaiting some jazzing up.

Let's pretend those are much more glamorous, shall we? Moving on, this next picture is the beautiful desk my husband built me, and I adore it:

My desk is by far my favorite part of the room. When my son outgrew his toddler bed, years ago, we stuck it outside in the shed where it was sadly neglected. My husband resurrected it to build this desk. He used some other random wood as well. It makes me grin to know that it used to be my little boy's bed, but also makes me want to cry because he's been out of it for so long. Sniffle. My hubby wanted to sand it down and paint it, but I sort of like the peeling paint-two tone thing so I asked him to leave it. Here's a view of the top: 
These are the rails that were on the toddler bed. I use them to hang cards from when I finish them. The basket inside is a very cheap dollar store find that I covered in scraps of patterned paper. When I started this room I knew I wanted bright colors everywhere. Since I live in a house full of guys (hubby and son), I try to squeeze in bright and cheery at every opportunity. :) 

Which brings me to my handy, dandy desk organizer: 

It's a yard sale find that I covered with some scraps of patterned paper (sensing a theme here?). It holds approximately 17,000 pounds of junk and has lots of nifty little holes for hiding stuff that has no other home. Here is another organizer: 

 This is another cheapie that I added patterned paper to. Three cheers for scraps! 

Here's my page display: 
This idea came from someone on Club CK. I cannot for the life of me remember whose it was. Whoever you are, thanks! Sorry for the poor picture quality! Again, the glare did it. 

Thus ends the grand tour. Hope you enjoyed it. My husband built this room from the ground up and I am forever in his debt for that. All I really did was paint and decide where to put stuff. lol. Thanks for stopping by! 


  1. I love your scraproom and the photos Sindi! your blog is great, well done you and welcome back!

  2. this is great! awesome scrap space! love your blog!

  3. Sindi, what a great room! I love the bright colors, and I love the humor in your blog. :)

  4. You've got a great scrap room - and I love all of your storage/desk options!